-Mobile Sessions offered at your home!

-All sessions with children-the heart of of our programmes-carry no surcharge

-All sessions are tailor-made and include a therapy with life coaching component!



 Invite a CSI to partner with us to cover the costs of a school-based programme tailored to the needs of your school.

We are urgently looking for partnership for our “Thinking Heart” programme. This programme is currently offered as therapeutic workshops with focus on team-building forgiveness and family-building. However as importantly, it is also being offered as a preventive approach for an anti-bullying, anti-racism programme. The intervention promotes positive coping skills to schools in the form of a workshop. As we have unsuccessful with our application to the department of Education ( DOE) , we can only offer our programme by invitation basis to schools. We are currently trying to fund data collection at schools and aim

to initiate the programme at schools in the Phoenix, Kwa-Mashu, Bhambayi , Effingham ,Greenwood park and Durban North area next year.
Our Wish List to the private or CSI Santa includes the following:
-printing of invitations to hand out to schools
-printing of our programme for sustainable teaching at schools
-stipend to cover volunteer to hand-out invitations and towards the facilitators transport and time as they are still students
-optional snacks/rewards to the students at the schools for their active participation as heroes of change
Despite NPO registration, PBO registration and numerous grant applications and CSI requests for Partnership we are still unfunded as most companies/privates fund the known organizations so thank you for the opportunity to propose the unknown work.
Cell: 082 503 5170
Cell: 078 7299624