Confidently Me:

Self-analysis course that focuses solely on an individual’s journey, experiences and profiles past and present to maximize future potential.

Building Local Heroes:

Individual, group or school sessions that highlight one’s strengths and downplays the commonality of one’s weakness.

Joyfully Yours:

A course on growing, restoring or reviving a relationship. Mutual participation required.
Teen Talk: Facilitated sessions tailored around nurturing a relationship between parents and teen through mutual understanding and renewed mindsets.

Training my Teen:

A short course on Positive Parenting

Flourishing Families:

This course is only available to parents having attended the one-one session or marriage course and is custom-designed having completed a need analysis consultation.


Crisis on hand? All out of answers? Limited to three telephonic consultations.

All our courses are partly sponsored and offered at reasonable rates. Rates advisable upon completion of needs analysis questionnaire or telephonic consultation.