School of Heart Private Programmes:

Confidently Me R500 (3 hours once-off session)

  • Self-analysis course where facilitators highlight the uniqueness of an individual’s journey by profiling character-building experiences of the past and present and its role in strengthening emotional, mental and spiritual awareness.
  • The sessions are intervention/solution driven equipping you, as an adult or teen, to redesign your life to ensure that you will enjoy the benefits of an emotionally balanced life
  • Mini forgiveness centered session offered-research orientated (on the house)

“I do, I will” R600 (3 hours once-off session)

  • Exploring the reality of “happily” ever after
  • Sessions tailored around developing a mutual understanding for each other while nurturing self-development
  • Mini forgiveness centered session offered-research orientated (on the house)

Joyfully Yours R600 (3 hours once-off session)

  • A relational course designed to restore, grow and equip couples to nurture an emotionally strong marriage
  • Mutual participation required. Sessions facilitate marital growth through developing a mutual understanding of each others strengths and weaknesses
  • This understanding creates a new-found admiration of each other as couples are now viewed as teammates, not competitors
  • The sessions are facilitated as a process of shifting/growing mindsets
  • Mini Forgiveness session offered-research orientated (on the house)

Flourishing Families R1000 (half a day, fun & learning)

  • A relational course designed to restore, nurture and challenge your family!
  • Mutual participation required. Sessions facilitate sustainable growth!
  • Role play, coping and forgiveness intervention taught
  • The sessions are facilitated as a process of shifting/growing mindsets
  • We aim to complete sessions as a half day course, however dependant on clients and their need’s analysis
  • Forgiveness session offered-research orientated (on the house)

    Other short courses/workshops:

  • Coping as a single mom
  • Help me I am a teen and I have a crisis!
  • Finding my identity without my dad!

More About the Sessions:

  • Sessions can be facilitated online via skype or face-to-face at the Durban North consultation rooms or a location of your choice
  • These are counselling sessions facilitated with a qualified psychologist, however approach is innovative and intervention driven. (Registered: HPCSA, COMENSA)


Are you bold enough to be the change your school needs. Educators work very hard to educate and still nurture and mold young minds. However sadly they do not have enough time in their days to school your children’s heart to live at their best emotionally. Additionally, due to the familiarity, children tend to switch off assuming they know better. We facilitate team building exercises that are fun and interactive but teach life lessons in practical age-appropriate manner.

We facilitate fun days that are tailored around the school’s current needs, grade-by-grade.  In addition we are working with companies to raise sponsorship’s that would drive a reward based school-school challenge to drop the statistics of unfavorable behavior i.e. bullying, racism, absenteeism, drug abuse, teen pregnancy, disrespect, cheating, gender discrimination etc. In the same heartbeat, we will be supporting confidence-building, forgiveness, accepting differences, father absence, training emotions, understanding sex-by-design, child-headed households, living with chronic illnesses etc.

OuR MisSiOn is to teach coping strategies to children to equip them to persevere amidst family, higher education and work challenges.

We offer: private one-one therapy and life-coaching sessions, Group workshops or full day mobile workshops at your school

Are you brave enough to be the change?

COST: We are applying for funding to host the workshops at the schools (no charge)

Challenge MY business

Struggling with communication, team-work, morale low? Looking to increase profit margin? Restructure the face of your company?

Allow us to facilitate your growth. Our sessions are real but fun and interactive. We tailor our sessions to suit the current need of your company thus your top 5 challenges/struggles. Our heartbeat is sustainable change! Fun days are great but what if there was an option to enjoy every working day? Team-building, tailored for your company, tailored for change!

As all our activities/learning are tailored around specific equipment-we are partly sponsored by a reputable company (KZN Event Planners) to arrange your entire event! R300 pp (including facilitation, venue and spit-braai catering)

Challenge MY country (BOLDLY SA CAMPAIGN)

 Are you bold enough to change the country you remain proud off? are you bold enough to stand up against injustice? Are you ready to intentionally work with us as we mould/nurture/challenge SA to be the best it was created to be? A  beautifully located country exhibiting the 7th wonder of the nature? Why was this in God’s design for us? We are a favored country but are we living at our best as the citizens of SA? Not just yet, humanity was created to interact as a fair society. Are your relationships fairly distributed? Are you pure in your thoughts about another human, race aside? Are you fair in the locations you visit? Are you fair to the clients you do business with? Or the staff you employ? Or the salary you pay? We are human and this involves trial and error, but have we learnt? are you struggling to forgive or start afresh? If you find yourself stereotyping people-you are still stuggling. Would you like to join us in our quest to end discrimination (in thoughts and hearts). Who are we waiting for, another person or race before you? How about one individual at a time. Be the change! We have decided to be the change that South Africa needs, are you BOLD ENOUGH to join us?


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