Each one reach 1. Org consists of a group of individuals whom have taking a stance to renew the spirit of giving back by paying it forward. For reasons solely of accountability and growth we have registered our team as a non-profit organization. Our team are a rare find of well-rounded, research-rich individuals who pride themselves in their ability to assist with most of the struggles plaquing South Africans today.

Our objectives are simple: igniting change, restoring hope and driving restoration in nami SA!


Increasing awareness around the health implications of emotional strain.

Promoting Coping Interventions (Schools and Public Workshops)

National Roll-Out

At ground level, our heart-beats to restore emotional health. On a larger scale we campaign as “Boldy SA” to restore community health by promoting nation-building to all those willing to understand, forgive and pay it forward.

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WHERE were we?

Since 2012, we have endeavored to host monthly community events to increase learning, health, mental and emotional wellness, reduce poverty and create relevant awareness in a fun and interactive atmosphere. We have delivered life-skills through the form of light entertainment. We have been very successful in linking corporate resources with community needs to manipulate desired change. All the ground work, planning and activation have previously been carried out by our volunteers and sponsors.

NOW what?

We have recently developed a stronger passion to share our knowledge. We have compiled a list of courses to fund our operating costs and extend the magnitude our work. We currently are a group of volunteers and thus are struggling with start-up costs of campaigning but we will continue to persevere. Our courses are presented within our “School of Heart Programme.” The School of Heart solely promotes physical well-being by restoring emotional and strengthening mental health.

Did you know that one the greatest health threat to “humans” is heart disease? However in the same heart-beat did you know that basic life education/skills and genuine happiness and contentment can reduce the risk of heart disease.

Did you know that our heart is capable of generating it’s own thoughts? If we could manipulate our emotions and thoughts to cope in every situation, we are able to promote positive mental thoughts and influence our reaction to any challenge. Simultaneously we are are able to alter our environment. We do not claim to know it all but we certainly can teach you what we have learnt from world-wide research and the experience of our clients.

Are you ready to journey with us, to strengthen your future? Leave a legacy-invest in your families emotional well-being! Yes, “you” can be the change!